NZ Testimonials

Internal teat sealant change delivers cost savings without compromising
results or animal health

James Stewart’s goals for drying-off are to
reduce Somatic Cell Count and clinical
mastitis and he says “from the results I have
seen over the years, I am sold on using an
internal teat sealant to prevent mastitis”.

“As a farm we want to reduce our SCC and
ShutOut® has been a great partner in that
process, and we will continue to use it. “

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Lead Veterinary Technician trusts and recommends ShutOut® internal
teat sealant

Christine Sinclair has a busy role as the lead Veterinary Technician at Totally Vets Limited (TVL) in Feilding, and when she’s not doing this, she’s helping her husband out with running their 410-cow dairy farm.

Autumn and winter are busy times for her team administering thousands of tubes of dry cow treatments, including teat sealants, every season. It’s important that the dry cow products they use work well and are easy to administer.

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Setting your heifers up for future success

Located just north of Feilding in the Manawatu,
Richard Sinclair milks 410 cows on 195 hectares with
his wife Christine and two staff members.

Avoiding mastitis in heifers is really important to Richard. “ setting our heifers up for success. They are our best genetics and we want to do everything we can to make sure they get back in calf again. If the heifers are hampered by mastitis, it has a real flow-on effect to the second calving so an internal teat sealant gives them the best possible chance to succeed.”

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Shutout product information

From the trusted manufacturer of all your Dry Cow Therapy needs, ShutOut internal teat sealant (ITS) has been shown to perform as well as Teatseal® in NZ and overseas studies. Use ShutOut, your cost effective premium ITS.

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