A ready to use aqueous sterile injectable suspension of proligestone for dogs and cats.

Oestrus Control – A subject to discuss early
There is no one best method of oestrus (‘heat’) control. It will be different for each animal. In young bitches, the first heat usually occurs when least expected. It is therefore important to discuss the different options available for oestrus control before being taken by surprise!

Delvosteron – Keeps options open
Spaying has its advantages but is not the method of choice for all bitches.
One potential problem is that around 20% of bitches develop urinary incontinence after spaying and in some breeds, such as Boxers, it can be as high as 60%.

More importantly, spaying is irreversible and is therefore not an option in animals intended for breeding. This is where Delvosteron provides a safe and reversible alternative. Delvosteron keeps all the options open!