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Caninsulin is an insulin product with intermediate action. It contains porcine insulin, which is structurally identical to canine insulin. In cases of insulin deficiency the required blood levels can be achieved by using an individually adjusted dose of Caninsulin. 

Active Ingredients
Caninsulin is an aqueous suspension of 40 IU per ml highly purified porcine insulin, 30% as amorphous zinc insulin and 70% as crystalline zinc insulin. 

Treatment of diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats 

Caninsulin should be administered by subcutaneous injection. The dose depends on the degree of deficit in the animal’s own insulin production and therefore different for each case. Once daily injection of Caninsulin may be sufficient to reduce the blood glucose in some diabetic dogs. Other dogs may require twice daily injections as the duration of action of the insulin may vary within an individual. In diabetic cats, it is necessary to administer Caninsulin twice daily. For full details of dosage for stabilisation and maintenance phases refer to the Caninsulin label below.

ACVM No: A7401

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Caninsulin® 10ml
Caninsulin®Vetpen® Starter Kit 8 (0.5-8IU)
Caninsulin®Vetpen® Starter Kit 16 (1-16IU)
Caninsulin®Vetpen® Needles
Caninsulin®Vetpen® Cartridges