Insulin treatment for diabetic pets.

Caninsulin – Healthy, happy diabetic pets.

Diabetes mellitus is a common endocrine disorder of dogs and cats that results in absolute or relative insulin deficiency. In general, the prognosis is very good, provided that the diagnosis is made at an early stage and treatment is adequate.

Insulin treatment is the cornerstone of successful management.
Insulin treatment is only part of the overall plan for stabilisation of diabetic pets. A regular routine, including insulin injections, feeding, exercise and weight control is vital to the successful treatment of diabetic pets.

Caninsulin is the only veterinary registered insulin for use in dogs and cats in New Zealand.
Caninsulin contains an aqueous suspension of highly purified porcine insulin consisting of 30% amorphous and 70% crystalline zinc insulin. There are 40 IU of insulin per mL of Caninsulin. Porcine insulin is identical to canine insulin and differs from feline insulin by only 3 amino acids.

Diagnosis and stabilisation of a diabetic pet can be stressful.
With Caninsulin, support tools are available to assist with the transition into managing the lifestyle of a diabetic pet. Special kits for owners are available from veterinarians and include specific information about managing cats and dogs, and other useful tools. Further information and answers to frequently asked questions are available at

Could your pet be diabetic?
Signs to look out for

  • Drinking too much water
  • Excessive urination
  • Weight loss despite constant hunger
  • Lethargy and depression

If your pet shows any of these signs, a simple blood test could immediately determine whether or not your pet is diabetic.

Ask your local vet for further information.