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Oxytetrin® LA Injection

Injectable antibiotic for sheep, beef, dairy and swine.

Active Ingredients 
Oxytetracycline 200mg per mL

For the treatment and control of a wide range of common systemic, respiratory and local infections caused by or associated with organisms sensitive to oxytetracycline in cattle, sheep and pigs. Following intramuscular injection persistent blood levels are provided for up to three days. Peak antibacterial levels are achieved in four to eight hours. Oxytetrin LA injection is therefore suitable for the treatment of acute infections.

Pigs over 21 days, Cattle and Sheep: 1mL/10kg bodyweight deep i/m (20mg/kg)

Piglets under 21 days:
Up to 1 day 0.2mL
1 to 7 days 0.3mL
7 to 14 days 0.4mL
14 to 21 days 0.5mL

Withholding Period
Milk: Cattle – 7 days. Do not treat more than one-third of the milking herd in any 7 day period.
Sheep and goats – 35 days
Meat: 28 days

Not for use in bobby calves.

AVCM No: A5113

Additional Information 
Pack Size: 100 mL
Bar Code: 9 400560 438267

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