Vivitonin acts primarily by producing a marked improvement in the micro-circulation and therefore by increasing the oxygen supply in the peripheral and cerebral areas.

Active Ingredients
Propentofylline 50mg/tablet

Conditions associated with the aging process in dogs, such as senility, lethargy, tiredness, apathy, stiff gait, difficulty in standing up and walking, lack of appetite, wasting, alopecia, dull coat, when no specific cause of these conditions can be found. Vivitonin may help in slowing the development of hearing and sight defects associated with aging and also slow the development of cataracts in aged animals.

6 –10 mg propentofylline/kg bodyweight daily, divided into two doses given am & pm.
The tablet can be administered directly onto the back of the tongue or can be mixed with a small ball of food.   Administer the tablet on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before feeding. Continue treatment as required.

BodyweightTabletsDaily Total
Kgam            pmTablets (50mg)
<5 kg1/4           1/41/2
5 – 8 kg1/2           1/21
9 – 15 kg1               12
16 – 25 kg1 1/2         1 1/23
26 – 33 kg2                24
34 – 50 kg3                36

ACVM NO: A5114

Additional Information
Pack Size: 2 x 30 Tablets