Spectrazol® Milking Cow

Intramammary antibiotic suspension for treatment of clinical mastitis. Each single dose injector contains 250 mg cefuroxime in a rapid release base.

Lactating intramammary for dairy cattle

Active Ingredients 
Cefuroxime 250mg/syringe

For the treatment of clinical mastitis in lactating cows.

The contents of one syringe should be infused into the teat canal of each infected quarter immediately following each of three to eight successive milkings, i.e. every 12 hours. Three syringes provide a normal course of treatment. However, when considered necessary, therapy can be continued to deliver up to eight syringes in total.

Withholding Period 
Withholding period following up to 3 treatments:
Milk: 48 hours (4 milkings).
Meat: 3 days

Withholding period following 4-8 treatments:
Milk: 72 hours (6 milkings).
Meat: 30 days

ACVM No: A5270

Additional Information 
Pack Size: 20 Syringe
Bar Code: 9 415116 041143

Further Details
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