Coopers Scanda selenised oral drench for sheep and cattle

COOPERS SCANDA is a BZ/clear dual combination oral drench for the management of internal parasites in sheep & cattle.

A low-dose combination oral drench.

Active Ingredients 
80g/L Levamisole Hydrochloride (HCl); 45.3g/L Oxfendazole

At the recommended dosage level, this product is effective for the treatment and control of benzimidazole and levamisole sensitive parasites of sheep and cattle

Sheep: 1mL/10kg Liveweight
Cattle: 1mL/10kg Liveweight

Withholding Period
Meat: 10 days
Milk: Cattle 144 hours; Sheep 35 days

Do not use in lambs under 20kg liveweight or calves under 50kg liveweight.
Do not use with milk or milk-feeders or while calves are suckling.

AVCM No: A7130

Additional Information 
Pack Size: 10 Litre
Bar Code: 9 415116 041846

Further Details

Visit the Coopers Animal Health NZ website for more information on Scanda®