Coopers magnum flystrike and lice control pour on bottle

MAGNUM is a water-based IGR (insect growth regulator) pour-on for the prevention of flystrike & control of lice

Fly & lice pour-on for sheep.

Active Ingredients 
Diflubenzuron 25g/L

For control of body lice and protection against blowfly strike on sheep, including lice resistant to synthetic pyrethroids and flies resistant to organophosphates.
Minimum of 8 weeks fly control.

Best practice lice control is off-shears.

5 mL/10kg

Docking/tailing: crutch 17mL
Under 35kg: back and crutch 34mL
Over 35kg: back and crutch 51mL

Withholding Period
Meat: Nil
Milk: 35 days

Wool Harvest Interval: 60 days 

ACVM No: A7704 

Additional Information 
Pack Size: 2.5 Litre
Bar Code: 9 415116 042317

Pack Size: 20 Litre
Bar Code: 9 415116 042331

Further Details

Visit the Coopers Animal Health NZ website for more information on Magnum®