ALLIANCE is a BZ/ML/clear triple combination oral drench for the management of internal parasites in sheep & cattle.

A low-dose triple combination oral drench.

Active Ingredients 
2g/L abamectin, 80g/L levamisole hydrochloride and 45.3g/L oxfendazole.
Also contains selenium 5mg and cobalt 25mg per 5mL dose.

At the recommended dosage level, this product is effective for the treatment and control of macrocyclic lactone, benzimidazole and levamisole sensitive parasites in sheep and cattle.


Sheep and Cattle: 1mL/10kg Liveweight

Withholding Period
Meat: Sheep 14 days; Cattle 10 days
Milk: 35 days 

Do not use in lambs under 20kg liveweight and/or under 4 weeks of age or calves under 100kg liveweight. 

Do not use with milk or milk-feeders, or while calves are still suckling. 

ACVM No: A10249 

Additional Information
Pack size: 1L
Barcode: 9 415116 043505

Pack size: 5L Backpack
Barcode: 9 415116 042959

Pack size: 10L
Barcode: 9 415116 042966

Further Details

Visit the Coopers Animal Health NZ website for more information on Alliance®