Panacur® 100

Panacur® 100


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Panacur® 100

A broad-spectrum oral anthelmintic for cattle, deer, horses, sheep and goats.

Active Ingredients 
Contains 100g/L Fenbendazole

For the treatment and control of all the important mature, immature and egg stages of round worm, including Type II Ostertagia and lungworm.

Cattle, Deer, Horses 0.75mL/10kg live weight (7.5mg/kg b.w.)
Sheep and Goats 1mL/20kg (5mg/kg b.w.)

Withholding Period
Sheep, goats, cattle and deer: 10 days
Horses: 63 days.
Cattle: 8 milkings (96 hours); Sheep and goats: 35 days

ACVM No: A7154

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Pack Size: 1 Litre
Bar Code: 9 421005 400069 

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