Covexin® 10

Covexin® 10

Advanced clostridial protection for high performance farms.

On high performance farms stock becomes more vulnerable to certain clostridial diseases including C. sordellii and C. perfringens Type A - pathogens associated with sudden death syndrome. Striking randomly and without warning, sudden death can hit farms where superior stock is bred or high performance farming methods are used.

If any of these apply to you, your animals are vulnerable:

  • Sending replacements away.

  • Feeding stock on crops, chicory, high sugar grasses or supplementary feed.

  • Sudden unexplained deaths, especially of young, fast-growing animals
Only Covexin 10 offers advanced protection against ten types of clostridial bacteria
Developed and made in New Zealand for our sheep and cattle farmers, it's the most advanced clostridial vaccine on the market. A low dose protects for at least 12 months.

Protecting your stock is easy. Just ask your veterinarian about upgrading to Covexin 10.

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