Nobivac® Tricat Trio

Nobivac® Tricat Trio


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Our company produces vaccines and medicines to help thousands of New Zealand’s cats every year, but it doesn’t just stop there. We never lose sight of the fact that we are part of each and every healthy pet’s life.

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Nobivac® Tricat Trio

Nobivac Tricat Trio – the next generation in flexible cat protection.

Nobivac Tricat Trio is a live attenuated, freeze-dried vaccine containing the 3 core viruses - feline panleucopaenia virus, feline herpesvirus, and feline calicivirus.

Core feline vaccination
Vaccination is an integral part of a preventative health care programme. Every cat should be vaccinated against 3 core diseases – feline panleucopaenia (or infectious enteritis), feline herpesvirus and feline calicivirus (both causes of “cat flu”). These diseases can have devastating consequences for a cat and it is easy to prevent them by regular vaccination.

New technologies
Advances in veterinary medicine have given us the ability to reduce the number of vaccinations that are given regularly to a cat. In particular, vaccination against feline panleucopaenia with Nobivac® Tricat Trio can be reduced to once every 3 years.

The importance of “cat flu”
Even though we can reduce the number of vaccinations given for feline panleucopaenia, cat flu is widespread and very contagious so vaccines should be given every year.

A Nobivac vaccine programme offers the flexibility of 3 yearly revaccination intervals for feline panleucopaenia using Nobivac Tricat Trio, combined with targeted annual revaccination with Nobivac Ducat in interim years.

Talk to your local vet about your cat’s lifestyle and an appropriate Nobivac vaccination programme.


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