Protect against unnecessary deaths and productivity losses from Salmonella diseases.

Enteric Salmonellosis occurs throughout New Zealand, and intensively grazed stock are most vulnerable. Disease strikes without warning from early summer through to winter, and can spread rapidly. In severe outbreaks losses can reach 20%.

Salmonella cannot be eliminated from a mob or farm, so the aim of vaccination is to prevent infection and reduce the impact of any disease outbreak.

Benefits of Salvexin+B:
- The only Salmonella vaccine for sheep
- Reduces ewe deaths and the impact of a disease outbreak
- Can be used in a targeted programme prior to the risk period for either enteric or Brandenburg disease
- Protects valuable breeding stock
- Multistrain protection against S. Hindmarsh, S. Typhimurium, S. Bovis-morbificans and S. Brandenburg


Potential Earnings Calculator

The more lambs you have, the more you can make of higher lamb prices.
The Intervet/Schering-Plough Potential Earnings Calculator will show you how a structured vaccination programme can significantly boost the number of lambs you can expect this season.

The Calculator lets you adjust your risk factors, so you can see the impact of potential losses caused by ewe or lamb deaths, or dry ewes. Plus, you will see the boost in numbers that you could expect when you protect against the biggest disease threats, or enhance the fertility of your ewes.