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Rotavec® Corona - One shot


Scours is bad enough when it hits - but the financial impact can last for years.

A scours outbreak ramps up your stress levels, robs you of family time, and exposes everyone to the distress of seeing calves suffer, or even watching them die.


But it's not just your calves that suffer - it's your business too.
Outbreaks cost you money and effort at a time when your resources are already stretched to the limit. And those calves that do survive can struggle to reach target liveweights, reducing their value and future production.

Facts about infections scours.
Calf scours can hit farmers even when they're using best practice methods. Rotavirus is all over New Zealand, so it can hit farms with no previous history. 80% of New Zealand farms have experienced scours.


A severe scours outbreak can kill up to a third of infected calves. Plus, you'll have to pay for extra labour, treatment (electrolytes, etc), vet and lab fees let alone your own time.


Rotavec Corona:

• One shot provides the protection needed to help prevent infectious scours caused by rotavirus, coronavirus and E. coli 

• Flexible dosing schedule: 

  • Maximise herd coverage by vaccinating the whole herd at 3 weeks prior to planned start of calving.
  • Or individual cows can be vaccinated any time between 12 and 3 weeks before they calve.


Call your vet clinic today
A scours outbreak is hell - and it can set you back. If you care about your calves, your partner, your family, and your business, talk to your vet today about protecting your animals with Rotavec Corona.