Nobivac® Lepto I

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Nobivac® Lepto I

Nobivac Lepto 1 – proven to inhibit renal shedding

Nobivac Lepto 1 contains inactivated Leptospira Icterohaemorrhagiae to provide protection against canine Leptospirosis caused by Leptospira Copenhagenii.

Nobivac Lepto 1 is a liquid vaccine that can be used for reconstitution of freeze-dried Nobivac canine vaccines. This allows vaccination for up to 6 different infectious diseases in one injection (eg. Nobivac DHPPi + Lepto 1).

Leptospirosis can be acute and potentially fatal in dogs, but the majority of cases are chronic or subclinical. However, in many cases the immune system is unable to clear the infection completely and persistently infected dogs can harbour the bacteria in their kidneys. This results in shedding of the bacteria in the urine. Infected dogs can shed Leptospira in this way for months which is a risk for infection of other dogs. The risk of infection also extends to humans, as Leptospirosis has zoonotic potential.

Nobivac Lepto 1 inhibits renal shedding to reduce the risk of zoonotic spread.

In New Zealand, the most important serovar of Leptospira in dogs is Copenhageni. This type of leptospire is found in the brown rat and is reported as the cause of canine Leptospirosis in several areas in the North and South Islands.

Talk to your local vet about your dog’s lifestyle and an appropriate Nobivac vaccination programme.


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