Footrot is a very common and contagious cause of lameness in sheep.  

Footvax is a sensitiser and booster vaccination that can be given to all sheep in the flock. The key to effective control is the correct timing of vaccination.  

Footrot occurs because of a combination of:

  • Infective factors involving the bacteria   When moisture and temperature conditions are favourable, the disease can develop through stages of severe under-running of the hoof
  • Host factors -  The immune status of the sheep
  • Environmental factors -  That cause or allow transmission of the disease (warmth, moisture)
The disease is severe and can cause economic losses from reduced growth rates, decreased wool production and reduced fertility in ewes and rams

Footvax forms part of a whole flock approach to disease control and management programmes should be flexible to meet the individual requirements and conditions of each farm.
The ideal programme should allow for peak antibody levels to coincide with peak footrot challenge, reducing the level of an unexpected outbreak.
Footvax Poster
The earlier the vaccine is used, the better the prevention of an outbreak

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