Finadyne Transdermal

Finadyne Transdermal


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Finadyne Transdermal

For the treatment of pain, fever and acute inflammatory conditions in cattle.

Active Ingredients  
50 mg Flunixin/mL (Equivalent to 83 mg flunixin meglumine/mL).


  • Reduction of fever and alleviation of clinical signs of inflammation (pain, swelling, firmness, milk drop, improved milk character) associated with mastitis. 
  • Reduction of fever and alleviation of clinical signs of inflammation associated with BRD (bovine respiratory disease), pneumonia, endotoxaemia and acute inflammatory conditions.

Additional Information
Flunixin (as a meglumine salt) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) with which acts by inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis, thereby exerting anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic properties.
In a clinical trial, Finadyne transdermal provided improvement in the local (udder swelling) and systemic clinical signs (hyperthermia, increased pulse and respiratory rates) associated with endotoxic mastitis. In a clinical mastitis trial, an improvement in milk yield was demonstrated in animals treated with Finadyne transdermal to at least day 5 post treatment. 

For pour-on treatment only. For single application.
Recommended dose - 3.33 mg flunixin/kg bodyweight (equivalent to 1 mL/15 kg bodyweight)

Withholding Period
Meat: 21 days
Milk: Nil

Not for use in bobby calves.
Do not administer corticosteroids or other NSAIDs concurrently.
Can be used during pregnancy and lactation except within 48 hours of parturition.

ACVM No: A11281

Additional Information  
Pack Size: 100mL
Barcode: 9 415116 043642
Pack Size: 250mL
Barcode: 9 415116 043659
Pack Size: 1000mL
Barcode: 9 415116 043666

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