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Use MAGNUM pour-on for the prevention of flystrike & control of lice

MAGNUM for Flystrike

Don't let your fly treatment withhold period come between you and your profits.
MAGNUM is the only IGR pour-on with a nil meat withholding period. Plus it is rainfast, so it can be used on wet sheep. MAGNUM prevents flystrike for a minimum of 8 weeks and provides 20 weeks lice control. With MAGNUM, you can get your stock away with no delay.

MAGNUM for Lice

Because lice problems build up over time the only sure way to control lice is to treat every year.

MAGNUM has advanced IGR technology that provides effective lice control for at least 20 weeks (including SP resistant strains). As the proven Water-based IGR’ in text. pour-on IGR for lice, MAGNUM delivers more advantages than any other lice product. The water-based solution means no solvents, making it user-friendly for you and your equipment. Plus it has a nil meat withholding period.

Whenever there’s a lice problem, make sure you have it covered with MAGNUM.

MAGNUM: The superior solution to lice control.