Vaccine that increases lambing percentages in breeding ewes.

A vaccine that increases fecundity in breeding ewes, increasing lambing percentage by an average 20%.

Active Ingredients 
Contains an androstenedione-protein complex.

Raises antibody levels, causing a change in hormone production which temporarily blocks the release of eggs from the ovaries. More eggs mature and when antibody levels fall these extra eggs are released, thus increasing the number of lambs born.

2mL dose by subcutaneous injection in the anterior (front) half of the neck.
In the first year two doses are administered. The first dose must be given 8 – 10 weeks before ewes are mated. The second dose, given 4 weeks later, must be given no less than 4 weeks and preferably 4 – 6 weeks prior to mating.
In subsequent years, previously vaccinated ewes only need a single booster injection no less than 4 weeks, and preferably 4 – 6 weeks, prior to mating.

Withholding Period

ACVM No: A9927

Additional Information 
Pack Size: 200mL (100 doses)
Bar Code: 9 421018 390104

Pack Size: 500mL (250 doses)
Bar Code: 9 421018 390111 

Further Details

Visit the MSD Animal Health Sheep Vaccines website for more information on Androvax plus