Nobivac® Parvo-C

Nobivac® Parvo-C

Active Ingredients 
A live attenuated freeze-dried vaccine containing canine parvovirus (C154).

For active immunisation of puppies against canine parvovirus infection.

  • The puppy programme can be completed from a minimum of 10 weeks of age.

  • Nobivac Parvo-C has been shown to protect against canine parvovirus for at least three years.

  • Onset of immunity is one week after administration.

  • Nobivac Parvo-C can be used in pregnant bitches.

Reconstitute each single dose vial of the vaccine with one vial of Nobivac diluent or Nobivac Lepto I and administer by subcutaneous injection.

Each of the Nobivac vaccines fits into a larger overall vaccination programme. The individual’s age, health (including maternal immunity) and local environmental conditions should be considered in the formulation of a vaccination programme.

For information on how to use Nobivac Parvo-C in a complete vaccine programme refer to the label below.

ACVM No: A5525

Additional Information 
Pack Size: 10 x 1 dose carton