Laurabolin® 25mg

Laurabolin® 25mg


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Laurabolin® 25mg

Long-term anabolic therapy for horses, dogs and cats.

Active Ingredients 
Contains nandrolone laurate 25mg/mL.

Laurabolin is indicated in all cases requiring long term, less frequent injections following effective short term anabolic therapy.
Following surgical operations and febrile diseases.
Newborn Animals:
Frequently foals are born in a weak condition which will respond well to anabolic steroid therapy.
Treatment of old animals is commonly complicated by renal dysfunction. LAURABOLIN may be used in these cases with the knowledge that the prolonged anabolic activity will have a desirable effect on nephritis with or without uraemia.
Tendon and Bone Damage:
In these conditions seen in the horse the repair processes are accelerated using LAURABOLIN. Fracture healing is more rapid due to the positive effect on calcium and phosphorous metabolism.
Racing and Working Animals:
To achieve optimal fitness in racing and working animals a three month course of therapy is recommended.
One injection 3-4 weeks before showing.

If used in performance animals, the regulations of the relevant authorities regarding medication should be observed.

Give once each month by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.
Dose rate is 1 mg/kg bodyweight.
Dogs up to 50mg monthly.
Cats up to 25 mg monthly.
Horses up to 200 mg monthly.
Foals up to 100 mg monthly.
In chronic conditions or prolonged convalescence, injections should be made at three week intervals. In mares allow 6 weeks from injection date to mating date.

Withholding Period
By law this product must not be used in any animal producing or intended to produce food for human consumption.

AVCM No: A10210 

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Pack Size: 10mL

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