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Injectable analgesic for horses.

Active Ingredients:
Butorphanol base (as tartrate) 10mg/mL.

For the relief of moderate to severe pain in the horse. Especially abdominal pain associated with torsion, impaction, spasmodic and tympanic colic and post-partum pain. Dolorex results in a prompt relief of pain, thus preventing possible visceral displacement and self-inflicted injury, and permitting a more thorough examination and appropriate therapeutic measures. Pain relief, however, is not so thorough or long-lasting that it masks the need for surgery.

The recommended dosage in the horse is 0.1mg of butorphanol per kilogram of body weight by intravenous injection. This is equivalent to 5mL of Dolorex for each 500kg body weight. The dose may be repeated as required. Analgesic effects are seen within 15 minutes of injection.

Withholding Period
Meat: Horses - 63 days.

Available only under veterinary authorisation.

Additional Information:
Pack Size: 10mL
Bar Code: 8 713184 078964

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